Hallelujah! Buffer Adds Custom Scheduling, One of the App’s Most Requested Features

Buffer Custom Scheduling of retweets

Today, Buffer announced the addition of one of their most requested features, custom scheduling. The update will (finally!) allow users to schedule social media posts at particular times instead of merely placing items in their queue. Hallelujah!

If you want to set up a business post to go out to LinkedIn tomorrow morning or schedule post a birthday message to a friend on Facebook, custom scheduling on Buffer will give you the flexibility you need. Custom scheduling works in all browser extensions, the Buffer Web dashboard, and Android devices, and will soon be available for iPhone when Apple puts the update through.

Here are the new features brought by custom scheduling:

Use the Schedule Icon to Select Custom Dates and Times:

screenshot of custom scheduling posts in buffer

To schedule a post to publish at a particular time, click on the clock beneath the posting area. A calendar and clock will pop up prompting you to select a custom date and time for publishing your thought.


Custom Schedule Anything

Buffer Custom Scheduling of retweets

Post anything at a specified time, including retweets, images, and other posts.


Access Custom Scheduled Posts in Your Buffer:

buffer queue featuring custom scheduled posts

Easily differentiate custom scheduled posts from others as you scroll through your Buffer. Custom scheduled updates use a gray background to highlight their timing, while the timing on Buffered posts will appear as usual with a white background.

If you ever want to change the time of a custom scheduled post, simply click on the schedule icon to update your selection. To convert a custom scheduled post into a normal Buffered post, simply delete the time you set for scheduling, and the post will be Buffered as usual.


Custom Schedule Posts from Your iPhone or Android Device

Custom Schedule Posts on Buffer from your smartphone

Custom schedule a post from your Android device or iPhone in the same way you would from your computer. Simply click the schedule icon to choose a specific day and time to publish your update.
Sometimes, you just have to post something at a certain time! I know the addition of custom scheduling will open many doors for me when it comes to organizing my social media presence. With this new feature, I see myself using Buffer much more often and opening other scheduling apps like TweetDeck less often.

How will you use Buffer’s new custom scheduling feature?

Lauren Mobertz

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