Google+ Never Sounded Sweeter: Now Embed SoundCloud Files into Your Posts

Embedding a Pearl Jam song from SoundCloud onto Google+

Embedding a Pearl Jam song from SoundCloud onto Google+As Google+ aims for a larger, more engaged user base, the service continues to add interactive features to the network. As part of these efforts Google+ has introduced SoundCloud embeds for Google+ posts. Now when you share any SoundCloud URL to Google+, a widget will appear that allows you to play the sound directly within Google+. Facebook has supported SoundCloud embeds for some time now. Artists like Pearl Jam, Snoop Lion, and Armin Van Buuren have already embedded sounds onto their Google+ profiles, using the hashtags #soundcloudplus and #summersound:

Snoop Lion embeds a song from SoundCloud on Google+

Post embeds are not SoundCloud’s first collaboration with Google+. In May SoundCloud introduced integration with Google+ Sign-In so users could login to the service using their Google+ accounts.

In May, Google revamped its social network, incorporating a responsive, multi-column design, large media displays, colorful animations, and hashtags. If Google continues to innovate as it has this year, it is believed Google+ could overtake Facebook by 2016. This is something I’d love to see, as the cluttered and profits nature of Facebook can be tiring.

What feature do you think will be introduced next on Google+? Share your predicitions in the comments section!

Lauren Mobertz

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