5 Tips for Brands to Make Standout Vine Videos [INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC]

vine facts interactive infographic preview

vine facts interactive infographic previewMobile phones and videos are quickly gaining steam in the hands of users, and marketers have to keep up. This year, the number of mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets is expected to surpass the total world population. By 2017 it’s expected that two-thirds of the world’s data will be stored in video format. When you combine these two trends, you can see why the six-second video publishing platform, Vine, has been a hit among smartphone users. Though Vine was released only in January, Vine was already the most downloaded app in the Apple App Store by April. Vines are so popular that each second, five tweets contain a Vine link.

Vine can be a useful tool for brands that want to stand out on social media networks. A branded Vine is four times more likely to be seen than a branded video that is not a Vine. The fashion, sports, automotive, technology, and print industries have especially found success on the network, with brands like General Electric, Virgin Mobile, and French Connection leading the way for creating entertaining Vines their fans want to share.

For brands that want to use the platform to their advantage, here are five tips for making standout Vines:


1. Use Hashtags

On Vine, hashtags can be a great way to encourage your fans to engage with your brand and participate in your campaigns. GE, for example, has found much success in its “Science Fair” campaign on Vine using the hashtag #6secondscience. Notably, GE used Twitter to promote the campaign to its followers.


2. Create How-To Videos that Inform

Vines from the home improvement store Lowe’s are very popular on Vine. Why? Because they inform Lowe’s followers how to do simple, but useful, things around the house. Make sure your Vines, too, lend useful information to your followers.


3. Distribution Strategy Is Key to Success

Many of the most successful brands on Vine, included Lowe’s, MTV, and French Connection, hire Vine influencers to create their content. Not only are these influencers highly skilled in creating appealing, popular Vines, but these influencers are likely to spread the Vines they create for your brand to their own large, dedicated following.


4. Craft Content that Matches Your Call to Action

Vines can be a great way for a brand to promote a particular call to action. Oreo, for example, wanted to promote the launch of a new flavor by organizing a flash mob in Union Square in New York (that featured a live performance by Owl City, no less!). To gain traction, Oreo published instructional Vines to teach fans its new jingle and encourage them to participate in its flash mob.


5. Be Creative

A quote from Om Malik best describes why a creative approach to Vine is conducive to success:

“Just as movies were different from Broadway and television shows were different from feature films, every form of online media is also different.”

Vine is a new social media network, and brands are still discovering new ways to engage with fans there. If you think outside the box to discover ways to create content your fans want to engage in, you can come up with something very effective.

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  • A branded #Vine is 4X more likely to be seen than a non-Vine branded video <Tweet This>
  • In 2013, the number of mobile devices in existence is expected to surpass the total world population <Tweet This>
  • 2/3 of the world’s data will be stored in video format by 2017 <Tweet This>
  • 5 tweets per second contain a #Vine link <Tweet This>
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