Apple iOS 7 Statistics [COMIC]

Did you know that Apple’s new iOS 7 is on 18% of all iOS devices already just 24 hours after its release? However, the demand on Apple’s servers caused many frustrated users to experience slow download times or even errors trying to grab the latest update. In fact, an estimated one billion swear words were generated by angry Apple fans in the process! Also, approximately 250,000 couples have got into a fight over frustrations with the new interface, or perhaps your typical Android-iOS household tiffs. Some people are pretty happy about the update, while others claim it to be copying the Android, what do you think of the new look?

iOS 7 Stats

via joyoftech

Hilarious! I haven't touched it yet! No gig space!
Tom Plamann
Hmmmmm, I happen to think OS 7 is very nice! And I had no problem updating. Thanks Apple!
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