Never Wet: Street Art That Only Appears When it Rains

Remember when you were a kid drawing out on the sidewalk only to be horrified as eventually the rain would come down and wipe away your masterpiece? Now you can wield the power of the rain to make your drawings instead! Meet NeverWet: a silicon-based spray that repels liquids, which has already been shown to protect your iPhone from breaking due to too much exposure to water.

Now two creative people from the Home Depot Company, Nathan Sharratt and Dana0814, are using the spray to create pieces of text art that are “only happy when it rains.” This could become a cool new way for street artists to create more discretionary artwork out in the open, only visible during a rain storm!

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Do you see yourself planning any covert communications in the near future?
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Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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  1. This is a fantastic way to advertise (Make sure The City/Town Allows ) & generate Traffic . Now with Temp sensitive paints what you see in not always what you get .

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