NFL Week 3 Predictions 2013

NFL Week 13

NFLThe Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are off to impressive starts as we enter week three of the NFL season. The Broncos have been dominant in the second of both games easily defeating the Ravens and Giants. The Seahawks silenced the San Francisco 49ers potent offense on their way to a 29-3 win victory in Seattle.

Teams still looking for their first win include the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and Pittsburgh Steelers. While the Giants have been competitive in both affairs, the Redskins and Steelers have been lackluster and are seemingly in trouble. The pressure is really on both teams to find a way to win this week. Since 1978 only 5 teams have made the playoffs after starting 0-3.

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night to start the young season 3-0. So coach Andy Reid who couldn’t lead the Eagles a lick last year is back to being a genius in KC. The three wins surpassed the two wins the Chiefs had all of last season. Keep it going Andy.

Sunday 1 PM

San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans (-3.5)

Matchup:The Chargers embark on a tough travel itinerary over the last two weeks. At Philadelphia last week where they picked up the win, now SD travels to Nashville for the early start. The Titans play their first home game off a tough loss in Houston. A game they should have won. The Titans defeated the Steelers in the opener.
Steve’s Pick: Titans 30 – Chargers 27
Dan’s Pick: Chargers 24 – Titans 21

Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings (-5.5)

Matchup:These two teams enter today’s contest at 0-2. The Vikings could easily be 2-0, but too many mistakes have led to the poor start. In a peculiar move earlier this week the Browns traded RB Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2014 first round draft pick. The Browns throwing in the towel this year for the future. It’s going to be a long year Cleveland fans.
Steve’s Pick: Vikings 33 – Browns 30
Dan’s Pick: Vikings 30 – Browns 10

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots (-7)

Matchup:The Tampa Bay Bucs travel to Foxboro desperately needing a win. The Bucs have lost two nail biters and some players have voiced their displeasure with coach Greg Schiano’s disciplined methods. While the Patriots have started 2-0 they’ve been anything but impressive. They’ve looked very pedestrian against two weak teams, the Jets and Bills. It should be a tight one in Massachusetts.
Steve’s Pick: Tampa Bay 23 – Patriots 20
Dan’s Pick: Patriots 31 – Tampa Bay 28

Houston Texans (-2.5) at Baltimore Ravens

Matchup:The 2-0 Texans take on the 1-1 Ravens in Baltimore. The Texans have won both games in comeback fashion against the Chargers and Titans. The Ravens still feeling the hangover of the Super Bowl victory managed to pick up their first win last week at home against the Browns. They weren’t sharp and to go into this game against the Texans with star running back Ray Rice listed as doubtful.
Steve’s Pick: Texans 31 – Ravens 17
Dan’s Pick: Texans 27 – Ravens 24

St. Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys (-3.5)

Matchup:This should be a good one in Big D. Both teams are off losses after victories in week one. The Rams fought back after being down big last week against the Falcons. Coach Jeff Fisher will not let these Rams quit in any game. The Cowboys were right there against the Chiefs, but just couldn’t find a way.
Steve’s Pick: Rams 24 – Cowboys 20
Dan’s Pick: Rams 24 – Cowboys 20

Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints (-7.5)

Matchup:The Arizona Cardinals come into the contest off a late win at home against the Lions. Carson Palmer is off to good start leading the team to a 1-1 start. The 2-0 Saints looks to continue their winning ways at home.
Steve’s Pick: Saints 34 – Cardinals 30
Dan’s Pick: Saints 40 – Cardinals 20

Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins (-2)

Matchup:Another 0-2 team desperate for a win. The Redskins need to show up before the third quarter. They’ve been outscored 50-7 in the first half thus far and need to get off in a quick start in this one. The Lions are off a tough loss in Arizona. They’ll look to pick it back up in Maryland.
Steve’s Pick: Redskins 31 – Lions 23
Dan’s Pick: Lions 33 – Redskins 24

Green Bay Packers (-2) at Cincinnati Bengals

Matchup:These two solid 1-1 teams square off in Cincinnati. Packers lost a tough in the opener at SF, but dominated last week against the Redskins. Aaron Rodgers is in mid-season form already with seven TD’s. The Bengals are off a Monday night win against the Steelers, but they’ll have their work cutout for them against the potent Packer offense.
Steve’s Pick: Packers 27 – Bengals 20
Dan’s Pick: Packers 33 – Bengals 24

New York Giants at Carolina Panthers (-1.5)

Matchup:Here we go again. Two more teams looking for their first win. While the Giants have looked better of the two, the Carolina Panthers could easily be 2-0 if not for a fumble inside the ten against Seattle and a late penalty against the Bills. This should be a wild one as both teams look to get in the win column.
Steve’s Pick: Panthers 24 – Giants 20
Dan’s Pick: Giants 24 – Panthers 20

Sunday 4:05 PM

Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins (-1.5)

Matchup:This should be a competitive battle in south Florida. The Miami Dolphins are off to a 2-0 start with both wins coming on the road. They may be the team to beat in the AFC East. The Atlanta Falcons lost a tough in the opener, but bounced last week against the Rams. Atlanta bit by the injury bug of late, but this one should go down to the wire.
Steve’s Pick: Falcons 23 – Dolphins 20
Dan’s Pick: Falcons 40 – Dolphins 21

Sunday 4:25 PM

Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers (-10.5)

Matchup:These two 1-1 teams face off in San Francisco. The 49ers were embarrassed in Seattle last week 29-3. It will be interesting to see how they perform this week. The Colts play on the road for the first time this season. As mentioned at the top, Trent Richardson joined the Colts earlier this week. Look for him to play sparingly this week.
Steve’s Pick: 49ers 30 – Colts 27
Dan’s Pick: 49ers 36 – Colts 28

Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks (-19.5)

Matchup:Have the Seahawks chartered the plane to New Jersey yet? They certainly look like the team in the NFC after they demolished the 49ers last Sunday. At the bottom of the league you’ll find the hapless Jaguars. Before you go out and wager the mortgage on Seahawks this week just be warned that double digit favorites over the last ten years are not a profitable play.
Steve’s Pick: Seahawks 34 Jaguars 20
Dan’s Pick: Seahawks 30 Jaguars 10

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (-2.5)

Matchup:These two teams are very similar. They are both very average, and have both played the Patriots close this season. They also both start rookie quarterbacks. This should be a close one as these two teams struggle on offense.
Steve’s Pick: Bills 20 – Jets 17
Dan’s Pick: Bills 24 – Jets 21

Sunday 8:30 PM

Chicago Bears (-2.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers

Matchup:These aren’t your parents Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers have been abysmal in the first two games scoring a total of 12 points. With some key injuries it’s starting to look like a long season for the Black and Gold. The Bears are off to 2-0 start with close wins over the Bengals and Vikings. Jay Cutler has been impressive as the Bears look to start 3-0.
Steve’s Pick: Bears 27 – Steelers 17
Dan’s Pick: Bears 20 – Steelers 17

Monday 8:40 PM

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos (-15)

Matchup:Despite injuries and a suspension the Denver Broncos have been unstoppable. They seem to be on a mission after that heartbreaking loss against Ravens in the playoffs last year. It’s looks like putting up 40+ per week is going to be the norm. While the Oakland Raiders are improved (1-1) they will have their hands full containing Peyton and the boys in Denver.
Steve’s Pick: Broncos 44 – Raiders 24
Dan’s Pick: Broncos 34 – Raiders 21

ATS Season Results

Matt 15-13-2
Dan 12-16-2
Steve 8-20-2

What teams do you like this week?

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