4 Travel Tips for Your Next Big Business Trip

Organization is key for packing for business trips

Business travel isn’t the thrilling adventure it is sometimes built up to be. Between increased security and reduced airline services, travel is often more about endurance than a cruise on the lake. Still, by following a few necessary tips you can lessen the agony of what are so often the hassles of business travel.

1. Pack the Right Things

packing the right things

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Pick pants all the same color, and bring just one jacket that will match. Also, keep your shirts and socks the same color so they can be reused if necessary. Never pack more than a week’s worth of socks and underwear because you can always find laundry services. These steps will cut the number of items you have to pack. If you can get away with it, use dark running shoes since they are more comfortable and can be worn in the office or to exercise.

Other items to include are sunglasses, power converters, toiletries, USB drives and work out clothes. Work out clothes can double as pajamas, just don’t re-wear them after you’ve sweat in them.

2. Regarding Automobiles

If you’re on the road traveling, or simply using a rental car there are few things to remember. First, be sure you have the right insurance coverage for wherever you are driving. Also, use the camera function on your phone to snap a quick shot of wherever you park. When you’re on the road in a new place it can be difficult to remember where you left your car — a quick-reference picture can make it easier to find.

3. Internet Access

Arrange in advance for Internet access. Internet access can be great or horrible depending upon where you go. It’s also common to pay an additional $30 for access while staying at a $300 a night hotel. Purchasing an international data plan for your mobile device may be more affordable than paying local rates. Your mobile phone can be turned into a hotspot to transfer data. Check with your carrier before you go to see what options they have to offer.

Alternatively, if you’re traveling to Charlotte, for example, you could do a little research on the North Carolina hotels with the fastest Internet access. This could also probably help you to keep an eye on the rates, and maybe even save a little money for your company in the process.

4. Adapters and USB Ports

Before you leave, check online for what power converters you’ll need. It can you panic to find your computer dead and you don’t have the right device to plug into an international socket. Make sure you’ve got the right one for your device.

And speaking of keeping things powered up, most of your devices will have some sort of USB connection that can be used to recharge them. Don’t drag along a bunch of cables that have to put into converter. Just bring the one plug that fits into all your devices and be charged through your Laptop or PC’s USB ports. This is particularly useful if you’re staying at an international hotel that doesn’t have a lot of electrical outlets.

Business trips don’t have to be a major headache. Follow the tips from those who’ve been around the block, or the world, and your next business trip might even be fun.

By Calvin Sellers

Calvin Sellers is a tech writer and graphic designer from Tampa, FL. Follow him on Twitter @CalvinTheScribe.

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