Adidas’ New App Will Customize Your Shoes With Your Instagram Photos

It’s time to kick off your summer with a brand new pair of running shoes. Not just any running shoes, mind you, but shoes so customized and personal that their pattern comes straight from your Instagram account.

Last week Adidas announced the latest iteration of its sneaker customization program mi adidas. Starting in August the company will roll out an iOS and Android app that lets users order a new pair of ZX Flux sneakers with any Instagram photo printed on it – even one of the food pics that flood Instagram.

While customizable shoes aren’t anything new, this shows is a greater effort on Adidas’ part to integrate social media into its business model. Most brands merge business and social media for engagement and advertising purposes, but Adidas is bringing social media to its business in a unique way to allow users to bring their social media activity into their shoe design. This prompts us to indulge further in social media, and it’s also a fun way to personalize our next pair of shoes – a smart business move on Adidas’ part.

If personalized shoes are your thing, come August make sure to pick your favorite Instagram photo and take your Adidas customizing experience to the next level.

ZXFlux-miadidas- photoprint-Nature



via CNET

Mikaela Rakos

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