Zachary Levi and Sesame Street’s Bert Aren’t Happy With How Much You’re Using Social Media [VIDEO]

It’s time to put down your phones, walk away from your computers and get a breath of fresh air. At least that’s what singer-actor Zachary Levi and Sesame Street’s Bert want you to do. The duo takes a stroll through a Central Park in New York City, singing about how great it is to leave behind technology and social media, even for just a day. No Facebook, email, or Dashburst can hold these two back from enjoying the sunny day. Forget your technology because outside is where it’s at. Like they sing in the video, the bees buzz about the flowers they see, every tree is trending and the birds are tweeting live.

Guest appearances by Kal Penn trying to take a Snapchat selfie and a blue muppet wearing an Oculus Rift device help drive the point home that there’s plenty to do without technology. In the end, Levi and Bert get actual followers to ditch technology with them and enjoy the blue skies.

No filters needed on “A Lovely Sunny Day,” so join Levi and Bert as they leave behind the virtual world and enjoy the real world outside.

via Mashable

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