31 Intricately Carved Crayon Sculptures of Your Favorite Characters from Star Wars, South Park and More

There’s a new way to use crayons for art, and it isn’t for drawing. Hoang Tran carves tiny wax figurines into the heads crayons. The sculptures often depict famous fictional characters from movies, TV shows and other pop culture artifacts such as Star Wars and South Park. Sometimes Tran adds color to his creations by melting wax from other crayons onto the original wax figures, and he also carves customized pet crayon sculptures for people purchasing his art on Etsy.

You can view the entire carved crayon collection on his Tumblr blog Wax Nostalgic. Below are some of our favorite sculptures by Tran:

Hoang Tran beauty and beast

Hoang Tran south park

Hoang Tran Batman

Hoang Tran star wars

Hoang Tran yoda

Hoang Tran nightmare before christmas

Hoang Tran despicable me minion

Hoang Tran TMNT

Hoang Tran crayon carving progression

via My Modern Met

Mikaela Rakos

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