What are Your Social Conversations Like?


conversation_leadershipWhat do your conversations look like on Your Social Media platforms? Communication is key to building a quality tribe and fan base.  Sometimes, the simplest tweaks of sentences and words can make a huge difference. How we communicate either attracts or repels people. It tells people we are either leaders, followers, negative, positive, etc…

What message do you want to leave people with? That you inspire, empower, educate, or that you disempower?  A few different people I know recently posted that that they thought too many people don’t share quality comments, and are almost too nice in fear of stirring up debates on their walls.

So here is the thing with that… I am all for FREE Speech and I also get very clearly we can communicate our opinions, needs, wants with words that aren’t derogatory or disempowering to others. How does this sound? “I Love You… but…”  “But’s” create an instant oh my god, here comes the criticism. How about this?  “I Love You… and..” The word “and” leaves a softer space and people’s walls don’t instantly come up. I just did a video show about our unconscious what if’s, should of’s, could of’s, etc. How we communicate whether it be written or spoken either creates an energy of either feedback that someone can take and learn from or criticism where someone gets defense and You might as well have said nothing because they aren’t going to hear You anyways.

Your social media platforms, our walls that you communicate on determine your success. Here are some tips for creating empowering conversations that stimulate thought provoking responses and questions.

  • Post pictures you personally have taken and ask “What do you see? Feel?
  • Post empowering picture quotes and quotes from great leaders.
  • Post a video of you discussing your philosophies, core values, and beliefs.
  • Do Google hangouts with like minded individuals who share your ideas.
  • If You truly have an opinion that is going to stir up the haters, then inbox the person privately and say hey I would love to have a conversation about this.
  • Realize when we email people, it is just flat words. Your emotions are not there and everybody reads that same email differently. That is why I always suggest Skype or phone conversations if it is anything that is very important or might stir things up.
  • Don’t post things that are overly political, sexual, things that are just going to TRIGGER nasty debates.
  • You are entitled to your own voice and opinion, however discuss those types of things in person with family and friends.
  • Post things that tell people what your business does, and what it stands for.
  • Get creative, colorful, make people smile and laugh, and have a good time. Why write or post if you are not enjoying it.
  • If You need some assistance get it, ask your tribe, hire a Virtual Assistant

I have always been fascinated and loved the study of body language, written communication, as well as in person. It truly has many depths in different cultures and social media isn’t any different.

Life is a Journey, Enjoy it… Take time to learn, play, and grow each and every day…

“Life is a play and we are the actors/actresses, writers, editors, producers, directors, co-creators of our lives. We can create anything, anytime… Let’s Do it.” Carly Alyssa Thorne

Carly Alyssa Thorne

By Carly Alyssa Thorne

Speaker, Mentor, Author, Writer, Producer, Director, Photographer ~ Passionate about Conscious Business Transformations of the Mind, Body, Business & Spirit, as it is all interconnected. Life is a Journey, Enjoy it... Take time to Learn, Play and Grow each and every day... "Life is a Play and We are the Actors~Actresses, Writers, Editors, Producers, Directors, Co-Creators of Our Life's, we can create anything, anytime... Let's Do it." Carly Alyssa Thorne


  1. I would suggest a similar message, and I would include the use of “but” where it is appropriate. In some contexts “but” is the most appropriate word. It is interchangeable with “however.” One may write, “The dog chased the ball. But the dog stopped short when he arrived at the street, letting the ball disappear from sight.” Alternatively one may write, “The dog chased the ball. The dog stopped short, however, when he arrived at the street, letting the ball disappear from sight.” Although both sentences mean the same thing, the connotations differ. In the first sentence, “but” lends to the image of a dog stopping short. In the second sentence, the use of however does not connote this action. Sometimes the use of “love” followed by “but” is the most appropriate formulation. A song with the following lyrics would not have been a hit, “Although I loved her, I had to kill her.” But this link will take you to a big GNR hit ~> http://youtu.be/zXIuAz7aryo 🙂

    1. Thanks Michael for sharing Your thoughts. I agree that “however” is also a great word for replacing “but” and… I would add that from all of my study of human unconscious triggers I personally still prefer never using the word but, yet to focus my energy and communication with words that empower even if I am giving feedback I will focus on words people can hear and are open to receiving .

  2. I agree Carly, you need to use common sense while communicating through social media, and freedom of speech only goes so far. Excellent article.

    1. Thanks Miriam, glad You enjoyed the article and I agree completely that freedom of speech only goes so far. Have a great day

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