1. Great information….

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  3. Hi Daniel,informative article.I am a social media enthusiast and use Sociota to manage my accounts.Apart from above mentioned tools,Sociota is a user friendly platform to handle facebook profiles,pages and twitter handles.Its additional features help to share maximum information on a regular basis and keep me in regular contact with my new and existing followers.Reports generated by Sociota also help to analyse those fields where one lacks behind and helps to scout the barriers in your social reach.It has really worked to furbished my social profile.Its free trial must be checked out.

    1. can i get the link to your site.??? I would like to try it … also send me some links to the list of features you have … this sounds great so would like to try it once??

  4. Hi Daniel, thanks for the useful article. We used Hootsuite but didn’t find it user friendly. Now we’re trying Reachpod. So far it looks nice really. What is your opinion? Did you try it?

    1. Hi Sema. Even I wasn’t satisfied with Hootsuite. Along with unhandy interface, it’s also costly. I prefer Sociota .It has convenient interface along with new and advantageous features and has smoothly managed all my social media accounts. You can find it at http://sociota.net/

    2. I’m in social media marketing and we use Mavsocial because it optimizes video and has free stock photos. I agree with you on hootsuite- maybe it will improve in the future

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