Get Answers From Top Video Creators in the New YouTube Pro Series

Have you ever wanted to turn your YouTube channel from a hobby into a full-time gig? Now YouTube is launching a new video series, YouTube Pro, that will give you answers to burning questions directly from some of the top YouTube creators in the world. Scheduled for the last week of every month, you can get feedback on anything from crowdfunding and finding new advertising partnerships to running your own web series!

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Working with Advertisers

The first topic the series will cover is “Working with Advertisers,” a four-part video that includes insight from Dane Boedigheimer, Spencer Griffin of College Humor, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Elle Walker covering all aspects of effectively pitching brands and locking up new content deals. These YouTube legends will give you advice on pitching new ideas, maintaining authenticity while attracting advertisers and how to price new deals. Check out the live recorded event which will be coming soon to LA, NY and London as well.

Choosing Deals and Staying Authentic

Pitching an Idea to an Advertiser

Contracts and Pricing for Brand Deals

General Tips for Working with Advertisers: Working with Advertisers

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