14 Bizarre Photo Manipulations That Look to be From Outer Space

Have you ever heard the conspiracy theory that dinosaurs were actually extraterrestrial lifeforms? A very creative Russian Photoshop’er by the name of Tebe Interesno has been putting together some compelling photo manipulations involving the iconic space programs of the US, former USSR and some strange alien-like creatures in the mix. The surreal collection has everything from an astronaut getting photobombed by a long necked dinosaur on the moon, to a chilling vision of a nuclear submarine lurking out in space. Everything needed to fire up E.T. conspiracy theorists and Cold War nostalgia likely to surface visions of Sean Connery chasing around submarines in The Hunt for Red October.

Interesno also manages to bring an authentic and believable feel to his artwork that places these unusual objects in stranger situations. So take a look at this mysterious collection of images and don’t sweat those aliens either, one of them has been spotted dishing out some much need water over barren parts of the earth!

astronaut dinosaur

submarine ship

train float

water earth

rock sphere

tv dog

monster glow

rocket ship guy

aline dinosaur

elephant in tunnle

homeless guy

mini march


eye on the ball
via visualnews

Jose A F Carrilho
Some of these are quite creative and even funny.
Sheri Fresonke Harper
Enjoyed the photos, pretty cool!
Alan Darnell
Great photos and what a great mind to be able to think up something like thes picture.
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