The US Soccer Team Triumphed Over Ghana on the Field and Twitter [REPORT]

In a game with one of the quickest goals in World Cup history, it’s no surprise that the match also fared well on Twitter. According to MemeBurn, one of the more exhilarating World Cup games so far, the USA vs. Ghana match, had some impressive numbers on Twitter including total amount of tweets, peak moments for tweeting and player-specific Twitter statistics.

MemeBurn analyzed data from Twitter using the hashtag “#GHAvsUSA” and found that during the game, there were 4.9 million tweets sent out about the match, averaging around 55,000 tweets per minutes. While these numbers are impressive, they still fall behind the opening match Brazil vs. Croatia numbers, an astounding 12.2 million tweets, and the 8.9 million tweets from the Germany vs. Portugal game. More than 150 countries were tweeting about the opening game.

Still, the USA vs. Ghana game performed well on Twitter. To put it into perspective, there were only 2.2 million tweets about the Sochi 2014 winter olympics in the first five days, and only 3 million about the London 2012 summer olympics in its first five days. This is compared to the 4.9 million tweets for just a single World Cup match.


Looking at the details of the USA vs. Ghana game, the first 60 seconds were the most tweeted about, with Clinton Dempsey scoring the fastest American goal in World Cup history. At just over 30 seconds, Dempsey’s goal generated 173,738 tweets per minute and gained the forward and team captain 30,000 new followers. Following Dempsey’s goal, the US team’s second goal by John Anthony Brooks in the 86th minute was next most tweeted about with 168,139 tweets per minute.



Dempsey’s record-breaking goal made him the most tweeted about US player, followed by Jozy Altidore and then John Anthony Brooks. Ghana was not completely left behind in the tweet competition, as their players were also tweeted about. AndrĂ© Ayew, who scored Ghana’s goal to tie the game at 82 minutes, received the most tweets unsurprisingly. Kwadwo Asamoah and Sulley Muntari were the second and third most tweeted about for the Ghana players.



In all, 150 countries contributed to the Twitter conversation surrounding the USA vs. Ghana game, with most tweets originating from the US. Hawaii and Australia also tweeted about the game, but the majority coming from the US is likely attributed to the broadcasting time, conveniently at 6pm for the US but 1am for Europe and Africa.


Are you also contributing to the World Cup conversation?

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