How Sochi Does Social [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’re in the height of the 2014 Winter Olympics during the most social time of our generation, the digital age. So it’s no surprise that one of the most spectacular global sports events would be trending, but just how social is Sochi?

Analyzing the social media of the Sochi Winter Olympics, preliminary results show that this year’s Olympics are less social than the Summer Olympics in 2012. The trending hashtag #London2012 was tweeted more, totaling 3 million tweets in the first 5 days versus 2.2 million for #Sochi2014. Of all the tweets with #Sochi2014, Canada, the United States and the U.K. are the top 3 countries using the hashtag.

Furthermore, #Sochi2014 only has 75% neutral sentiment, compared to #London2012’s 84% positive sentiment. The less positive feelings surrounding the Sochi Olympics have prompted the trending “#SochiProblems,” a twitter hashtag that tweeters use to highlight any and all of the mistakes, fails and issues happening in Sochi. Several brands have capitalized on the hashtag, bringing Clorox thousands of mentions in tweets.

While Clorox did well in the area of Twitter mentions, Coca-Cola takes home the gold in twitter mentions. Earning silver, is P&G with the #BecauseofMom hashtag and Chevy got the bronze. Beyond brands, the athletes are also all over Twitter, with most tweets about Shaun White, Jamie Anderson next and then Erin Hamlin.

While maybe it’s not the Summer Olympics of 2012, Sochi 2014’s social stats are still impressive and prove it’s still a contender in the social media arena.

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