This Is What Neighborhoods in Brazil Sound Like During the World Cup [VIDEO]

Have you ever heard the sounds of sports fans in a stadium, uniting in cheer and celebration? What about an entire city? Thanks to local São Paulo resident Claus Wahlers, now we can hear what the city sounds like as Brazil scores goals during the World Cup games. In the opening game Brazil versus Croatia, the seemingly quiet city of Moema, São Paulo bursts with noise and life as Brazil scores during the game.

The reaction of the lively crowd is alarming at first: what sounds like gun shots, bombs and car alarms are in fact Brazilian fireworks, vuvuzelas and noise horns. The faint but obvious cheering fans create an umbrella of celebratory sound as the cries and commotion uproar with every goal. With this video, anyone can be part of the games and celebration, experiencing the city as its devoted and high-spirited fans excitedly cheer for their team in this year’s World Cup.

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