Shazam Makeover Brings Card Interface to iOS and Android Hoping to Make the App Stickier

Shazam redesign screenshot

Do you use Shazam to identify new songs? If so, you will love the makeover coming to Shazam for iPhone and Android.


New Card Interface for Tagged Songs

Shazam redesign screenshotIf you use Shazam on iOS, starting today you might see a new interface when you tag a song. The newly designed, card-like screen features lighter colors and additional content like a lyrics pane that loads immediately, access to music videos, links to stream the song on Rdio and Spotify and recommendations related to the recently tagged song. The update also includes a new look and feel for purchasing tracks, according to Apple Insider.

The Shazam news feed has also been redesigned, featuring more from artists you’ve previously Shazamed, new track releases and exclusive video content. Users can also connect Shazam to their Facebook account to see what their friends are Shazaming as well as to share songs with friends.

Shazam has also improved the way it handles pending tags, or tags you make when your phone isn’t connected to the internet.

iOS users will still be able to take advantage of the previous app update, which added the Auto Shazam feature for continuous tagging that runs in the background and TV tagging in the U.S.


Make Shazam Stickier

The new tagged song interface provides users a cleaner view into interesting side roads to take after discovering a song. This, combined with the extensive content available in Shazam’s news feed, could help Shazam receive more mileage out of its users’ music searches by giving them a reason to keep the app open longer. It’s a strategy for longterm success that will help Shazam remain competitive in the music discovery space.

Though the update is going live in the App Store today, it could take until the end of the month for iOS users to have full access to these new Shazam features, according to The Next WebShazam for iPhone:

Shazam screenshot by The Next Web

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