Apple TV Releases New Channel for Reliving The Beatles’ Glory

12312037976_240fec3039_oJust a day and 50 years ago, on February 9, 1964, as much as 60% of the American population tuned in to the Ed Sullivan Show to watch The Beatles perform live for their first major public appearance. Today, Apple TV inspires the population to once again turn on the TV to watch the four revolutionary musicians.

Apple TV allows people to access movies, TV shows, sports, music, photos and more on their TVs. Besides allowing movies, music and radio from iTunes play on TVs, it also plays several independent channels like Disney, PBS, ABC, ESPN and more. Now, so Apple TV users can enjoy more of The Beatles than ever before, Apple is adding a new channel to the Apple TV mix: one dedicated solely to the famous rock band.

The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show


The channel features all 14 minutes of the Beatles’ performance on the Ed Sullivan Show, including the day’s screaming and cheering fans and this classic recording of “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” heard for the first time nearly 50 years ago today.

Additionally The Beatles channel allows users to stream music from the digitalized, U.S. versions of the bands’ albums. Beatles songs were only recently made available on iTunes in November 2010, and once they were up for purchase, sales flew. 2 million songs and 450,000 albums were sold in the first week since release, and 5 million songs and 1 million albums were sold in the first two months, according to Entertainment Weekly. The chance to relive the Ed Sullivan performance, however, on Apple TV will only be available for a limited amount of time.

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via Apple Insider

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