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Jessie J's page on is a great tool for discovering new music and keeping track of the songs you listen to on the Web and across all your devices. But it hasn’t always been a great place to listen to music directly – that is, until partnered with music streaming service Spotify.

On you’ll now find the Spotify music player on your page (as long as you’re logged into Spotify). No matter if you are viewing your profile, an artist page or an album page, if a song is one of the 20 million+ that Spotify has access to, you can play it on

Spotify admits the service is not without its flaws. For one, the Spotify player does not work on mobile browsers, Internet Explorer 11 or Opera. Play buttons appear for some songs which are not actually playable. Additionally, and this might just be a glitch on my own computer, it seems like it’s necessary to have both a and a Spotify tab open to play any music, which makes me believe I’m not really playing music directly from Hopefully these bugs will be sorted out over time.

As the battle between music streaming services Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music and others becomes fiercer, each service is looking to expand its reach into as many parts of people’s lives as possible and solidify its user base. Spotify’s partnership with brings quality music recommendations to its service, a key feature for the future of music streaming.

On demand music on powered by Spotify is part of a long-standing partnership between the two services, part of which includes the app on Spotify that recommends music to Spotify users based on their listening history.

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