New on Facebook: Set Reminders for Your Favorite TV Shows

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Facebook New Girl Page screenshotAfter a recent update to its mobile app, Facebook users can now set reminders for upcoming airings of their favorite TV shows when using Android devices. More than a push to add convenience for users, this update is a signal that Facebook is jumping even deeper into the world of television to ensure competitor Twitter isn’t the only tapping into the entertainment market. But can Facebook beat Twitter at its own game?


Setting TV Reminders on Facebook

To set a reminder, Android users should visit the official Facebook page of a TV show. On the pages of participating shows, users will come across the Upcoming Airing box where users can enroll in reminders for, you guessed it, upcoming airings. Below is an example of the option on New Girl‘s Facebook page:

Facebook tv show reminders screenshot


Competing With Twitter to Win Over the Television Market

This addition to the Facebook mobile app seems to be a response to Twitter‘s numerous network integrations into live television programming. Twitter, which is listing publicly on the NYSE today, has recently launched a trending TV content box, live TV snippets within Twitter timelines and a partnership with Comcast that triggers DVR, according to TechCrunch. While TV reminders from Facebook might encourage users to make Facebook part of their television watching route (Facebook’s ultimate goal), are television reminders really something users want? I have a feeling these reminders would be more annoying than helpful, and that a tool like the one offered by Twitter to trigger DVR would be much more in demand. Only time will tell, though, if users will pick up Facebook as their ultimate companion for entertainment media.

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Will you set television reminders using the Facebook app for Android?

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