Report: TV Ad Expenditure Continues to Dominate, Internet Ad Spend Steadily Rising

Media spend by region

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In its latest Global AdView Pulse report, global information and measurement company Nielsen announces that television remains the most favored means of advertising, with a 57.6% share of global ad expenditure in Q2 of 2013. Though internet advertising accounts for only 4.3% of global ad spend, it saw a 26.6% increase in spending year to date, the largest of any media type by a long shot. Overall, Nielsen reports that global advertising spend grew 3.5% during Q2, and 2.8% year to date.


Global Ad Spend by Media Type, Year to Date

percent change in ytd ad spend by media type

Around the world advertisers seem to be focusing more on internet display ads, increasing their spending on internet adverts by 26.6% in the first two quarters of this year alone. Advertisers also increased their outdoor ad spend by 5% and their television ad spend by 4.2%. Advertisers seem to be spending less on other media types, with 5.9%, 2%, 1.9% and 0.9% decreases on ad spend in cinema, newspapers, magazines and radio respectively.


Media Spend by Region

Media spend by region

All regions experienced higher ad spend during the first half of the year except Europe, which continues to suffer from a financial crisis, resulting in a 6% decline. Asia Pacific and Latin America led ad growth, with Latin America experiencing a 13.1% increase and Asia Pacific a 6.4% increase in YTD ad spend. YTD ad spend also increased by 3.9% in the Middle East and Africa and by 2.7% in North America. It’s perhaps most interesting to note that spend on internet display ads increased significantly in the Asia Pacific (+43%) and Latin America (+38.5%).

A driving force behind the significant growth in Latin America took place in Argentina, which saw nearly a 30% increase in ad spend in the first half of 2013. In the Asia Pacific, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and the Philippines contributed to the region’s growth in ad spend with double-digit YTD increases. In Europe, Norway, Switzerland and Greece were the only countries to experience increases in ad spend while ad spend in other countries of the region declined.


When Will Internet Ad Spend Reign?

Judging by the huge amount of ad money currently being funneled into television, it doesn’t seem like internet ad spend will surpass that of television in the near future. If current trends in the Asia Pacific and Latin America spread worldwide, however, the internet is sure to become the most prevalent medium for paid advertising in the long (but not too long) run.

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