Microsoft’s Latest Publicity Stunt: A Giant Surface 2 Tablet in the Streets of London

Giant Surface 2 tablet set up by Microsoft in Trafalgar Square, London

Giant Surface 2 tablet set up by Microsoft in Trafalgar Square, LondonIn its latest push to convert Apple fanboys into Windows groupies, Microsoft has set off a marketing stunt of huge proportions in the center of London. In Trafalgar Square, one of London’s most trafficked public spaces, the company set up a giant Surface 2 tablet complete with a working keyboard and screen. The 27-foot wide and 17-foot high Surface 2 has a roughly 383-inch display and took about 12 hours to set up, according to The Verge.

Jumping on the keys of the giant Surface 2 will send messages to a real, working Surface 2 nearby, making the giant tablet interactive. Spaces exist around keys on the giant keyboard so people can walk around before deciding which keys to jump on, according to The Verge. Children can play educational games using the giant screen and keyboard as well as play with real-sized Surface tablets hung along the perimeter of the stage. Microsoft also invited English rapper, songwriter and producer Dizzee Rascal to headline the event, giving away signed Surface covers and tickets to his Friday show in London.

I have to say that this publicity stunt seems much more successful than some of Microsoft’s other attempts at marketing, especially its series of video ads pitting the iPad against the Microsoft’s tablets. Check out the Twitter and Instagram posts below from Microsoft and people enjoying the giant Surface 2 setup:

Featured image via Microsoft

Lauren Mobertz

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