Surreal Human Sculptures that Challenge Our Values in Real Life

surreal human sculptures

surreal human sculpturesHave you ever been in a room with a bunch of “stoned” people? Oh, the days of adolescence. Teenager Teenager is a surreal yet hyper-realistic sculpture created by the Chinese artist collective of Sun Yuan and Peng Yu.

Much of the artists’ past work has also been known to make people feel a little paranoid or uncomfortable, and Teenager Teenager is no different. The piece features adults dressed in expensive suits and dresses casually lounging on leather sofas and chairs, each with a boulder on top of its head! Around the lounging adults run even more realistic-looking sculptures of children playing soccer. The scene is sure to spark a sense of bewilderment and a little humor as you try to decipher what’s going on.

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu are known for creating pieces that make people think twice about their values and prejudices. According to Galerie Perrotin, where the sculpture is currently exhibiting, “Their works are so many challenges to value systems, socially conditioned prejudices, and the ambiguous relations between East and West.” Teenager Teenager represents the way governments and business leaders make decisions (sometimes blindly) that affect us and our children.

Teenager Teenager is part of a larger exhibit, Dear, currently on display at Galerie Perrotin in Paris until November 9.








And just so you “stoners” don’t get confused, marijuana hasn’t suddenly been legalized in the U.S. just because of the partial government shutdown in effect!
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