Surreal Room Sculptures Floating in the Sky

The gravity-defying, surreal installations by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich give new meaning to term “broken home.” In what looks like a scene from the fantasy Disney movie Up, these floating rooms appear to have been ripped straight out of the houses from which they came. The sculptures use real bricks, plaster, French-styled windows, and wooden floors to create the illusion of authenticity, and are held at over 30 feet in the air by a supporting ladder.

This impressive exhibit is called “Monte-meubles – L’ultime déménagement” (literally – The Furniture Lift – The Ultimate Moving Out), and was created for the Le Voyage a Nantes art festival, which is known for turning the entire French city into an art gallery!

leandro-erlich-floating room-1[2]

leandro-erlich-floating room-2[2]

leandro-erlich-floating room-3[2]

leandro-erlich-floating room-4[2]

leandro-erlich-floating room-5[2]

leandro-erlich-floating room-6[6]

leandro-erlich-floating room-7[6]

leandro-erlich-floating room-8[2]

[via amusingplanet]

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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