Meet BoredomRoulette, a StumbleUpon-Like Tool for Discovering Cool Websites and Videos

Screenshot of BoredomRoulette

Screenshot of BoredomRoulette

Back in June we introduced you to Potluck, a social network for sharing links. What we love about Potluck is the way it emphasizes simple link sharing. Unlike on Facebook and Twitter, on Potluck you don’t have to scroll through outrageous selfies and pictures of people’s breakfast to find the hidden gems of the internet. Instead, when you scroll through your feed on Potluck you’ll only come across interesting links shared by your friends and friends of friends. Potluck’s straightforward way of presenting links, however, takes away some of the fun of discovering. Now there’s a website to help with that.

BoredomRoulette is a site for exploring links shared on Potluck. Discovering websites on BoredomRoulette is similar to surfing StumbleUpon: both sites immerses you in random websites through full-page, functional previews. Just as the “Stumble” button on StumbleUpon leads you to new websites, clicking the “Spin the wheel!” button in the top-right corner of BoredomRoulette brings you to new discoveries.

Although BoredomRoulette aims to provide “entertaining links for dull moments at work,” you’re bound to get hooked at any time of day – visit websites, watch videos, and more, all directly within the BoredomRoulette. Think of the site as StumbleUpon curated by the more intellectual Potluck community.

BoredomRoulette was developed by Branch co-founder Hursh Agrawal.
[via Laughing Squid]

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