Edit-A-Thon to Improve Wikipedia’s Pages on Female Scientists

Wikipedia logo in pinkIsn’t it frustrating that many female scientists don’t have Wikipedia pages? Anne Fausto-Sterling, a Brown University professor of biology and gender studies, and Maia Weinstock, a former student of Brown, are committed to beefing up Wikipedia’s entries on female scientists.

On Ada Lovelace Day, an annual celebration of women and technology, the two awesome activists held an edit-a-thon with dozens of other students and faculty members. Fausto-Sterling and Weinstock kicked off the edit-a-thon by training attendees on adding and editing Wikipedia pages, then provided a list of female scientists they thought deserved Wikipedia pages. Armed with links to source materials, volunteers started editing away.

If you want to check out (or edit) some of the new Wikipedia pages, start with Anny Cazenave, a French space geodesist, or Ingeborg Hochmair, who developed one of the first cochlear implants.

Wikipedia is notorious for under-representing successful women, perhaps because fewer than 20% of the site’s editors are female.


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