New York Meets London in a Collection of Stunning Double Exposure Photographs

New York and London are two of the most interesting and historical places in the world, but what if you merged both cities into one mega metropolis? That’s exactly what photographer Daniella Zalcman was hoping to do in a beautiful collection of double exposure photography that brings NYC and London together.

Zalcman is an award-winning photojournalist who has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. About her project, Zalcman said:

When I moved from New York City to London late last year, I decided to create a series of double exposures. These images are a love letter to two beautiful cities — a personal map of their streets and their skylines… Each pair of images is selected based on negative space, color and contrast. Together, they create imaginary landscapes, like the ones we form when we think of home.

All the photos were taken with an iPhone 4S with a little editing applied, of course. In her Kickstarter project, which successfully reached its initial goal and stretch goal, Zalcman will take you on a tour that simultaneously covers the South Bronx to the Far Rockaways in New York all the way to Whitechapel and Hammersmith in London.

You can also check out Zalcman’s entire collection of 70 New York and London images on Instagram and on Flickr.

New York + London 23

New York + London 02

New York + London 18

New York + London 47

New York + London 24

New York + London 10

New York + London 42

New York + London 34

New York + London 52

New York + London 66

New York + London 04

New York + London 51

New York + London 67

New York + London 55

New York + London 68

New York + London 35

New York + London 01

New York + London 14

New York + London 26

New York + London 17

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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