Google Brings Instant Access to Your Flight Info, Reservations, Package Deliveries and More to Search

Have you ever almost missed a flight because you spent so much time riffling through your emails in search of your flight information just moments before takeoff? Or what about tracking a package: how hard is it to look up the tracking information? Worry no more. Now, simply ask Google Search and Google will scan your Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+ for the information you need.

For example, just type any of the following:

What’s my flight status?
When will my package arrive?
What are my plans for tomorrow?

and Google will supply the answer.

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Google will roll out this new search feature over the next few days across the U.S., including English-speaking users on desktop, tablets, and smartphones. This search will integrate with voice search (no typing needed). Here are the new time saving queries soon to be available:

Flights: Ask Google, “Is my flight on time?” to get updated info about your upcoming flights.
Reservations: Search for “my reservations” to see your dinner plans or “my hotel” to view your hotel name and address. Also, with one tap receive directions, too.
Purchases: Query “my purchases,” and you’ll see the status of your current order
Plans: Forgot your plans? Ask Google “What are my plans for tomorrow?” to see a summary of your upcoming flights, hotels, restaurant reservations, and events.
Photos: Say “show me my photos from Santiago, Chile” to see your Google+ photos from that location. You can also ask for “my photos of cities” if you want to show off the urban shots you’ve taken over the year. Google will try to automatically recognize the type of photo you’re asking to see.

My Answers – Inside Search – Google

Many of these features have been available in Google Now with positive feedback so far. Now that this information will be available directly in Google Search, too, Google Search will become even more useful to our daily lives. Google promises this information is secure via an encrypted connection that is only available to you while you are logged into Google. You can also disable the service altogether in the “Private result” section of your search settings.

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