Flying in Style: Is It Cool to Paint Your Twitter Handle on the Side of Your Plane?

Aerlingus paints Twitter handle on one of its airplanes

It’s common now to find Twitter handles on business cards, pamphlets, and TV commercials. But has the time already come to start seeing them on airplanes, too?

Yesterday Aer Lingus, Ireland’s oldest existing airline and the country’s second-largest after Ryanair, tweeted a picture of its freshly painted “social jet”:

On the side of one of its plane’s Aer Lingus has painted, “Have you followed us yet? @AerLingus #socialjet” accompanied by a Twitter logo. Check out the message in this larger version of the picture:

Aer Lingus paints its Twitter handle on one of its planes

According to AllTwitter, there’s a good chance Aer Lingus is the first airline to go social in such a huge way. If so, it’s interesting that Aer Lingus is the first to promote its Twitter handle like this, considering that the airline is not very active on Twitter. Maybe painting its Twitter handle on the side of one of its planes is a sign that Aer Lingus will expand its social media efforts and begin engaging with customers on the channel. And hopefully it will start tweeting some deals on flights (cha ching!).

What do you think? Will other airlines will follow suit and paint their Twitter handles on their planes, or will this idea will quietly fade away?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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