Urban Intervention: Homeless Dogs Are Given Hope-Filled and Attention-Grabbing Balloons

Would you ever leave your best friend out in the cold without food or a place to sleep? ESTOY AQUÍ (I AM HERE) is an urban intervention project that took place in Santiago, Chile that hopes to raise awareness of the reality that thousands of stray dogs that live within cities around the world, yet are forgotten and ignored by the people around them. Is this any way to treat our best and most loyal friends, who we worship with photo after photo on the internet?

No, it’s not! So two college students have taken to the streets of Santiago armed with bright balloons. One each balloon they write powerful messages like “No me abandone” (Don’t abandon me) and “Abrazame” (Hug me). These messages encouraged passersby to take notice of these homeless animals and to help provide them a little food and some much needed love! From watching the video, we can see that the balloons enabled the dogs to quickly grab the attention people walking by.




After seeing how the people and even the animals themselves cheerfully responded to this project, don’t you just want to go to the shelter and adopt an animal in need? 

[via weburbanist]

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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