Flipboard Announces GIFs and Top Stories for iOS

Flipbaord brings GIFs to magazines

Flipbaord brings GIFs to magazines

Few things on the internet are more fun than GIFs. To help us get as at many of GIFs as we can (though we can never truly get enough), Flipboard announced that GIF support is coming to its iOS apps along with three new features to help you discover and share new content.


GIF Support

Previously only available on Android devices, GIFs can now be shared by all Flipboard users, no matter what device they use. To celebrate this news, Flipboard recommended these GIF-centric magazines: Just GIF It, GIF Me a Break, Giffy Cats, What GIFs, and the creepy/artsy GIF Pop.


Current Top Stories

Flipboard will now link to the top stories in U.S. news, business, tech, and sports. The first seven stories in each section will feature the current leading news, and the following stories will focus on popular stories from previous days.


Maker ‘Pagebox’

Screenshot of Flipboard magazine maker avatar

Now your magazines will link to your profiles page in a new “pagebox” inserted onto the fourth page. Clicking on your avatar in the pagebox will deliver your readers to your profile, where they will find an overview of all of your curation activities. Hopefully the pagebox won’t distract readers from the great content of your magazine!


Share Prompts

Now once you flip 10 items into a magazine, Flipboard will prompt you to share it with your readers. This could be Flipboard’s way to push people to share their magazines when the magazines contain an appealing amount of content. Once you publish, others will continue to see your magazine when you flip more items into it. It will be interesting to see if users succumb Flipboard’s nagging and publish magazines that are about 10 items in length, or if they will ignore the advice altogether.


Rapid Expansion

Flipboard reached 53 million readers in April and soon after launched its Android app and Web editor. It’s expanded its magazines to be viewable on the Web and, with today’s updates, it doesn’t look like the company will slow down any time soon. Make sure you check out our magazines the next time you use Flipboard!

If you use Flipboard on an iPad or iPhone, you can update your app here.

What are your favorite Flipboard features? Share with us in the comments section!

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