Flipboard Now Lets You Browse Magazines on the Web

Web Magazines - Flipboard

Web Magazines - Flipboard

Flipboard is on a quest to become more web friendly, and has just added the ability for you to browse magazines on the web, instead of being able to use only a mobile phone or tablet like before. Flipboard also recently released the Flipboard Editor for the web, that lets users easily create and manage magazines from any desktop computer. Since then over 2 million magazines have been created on every topic imaginable. Using the Flipboard bookmark extension, you can easily add new webpages to your magazines, but until now, you could not actually browse these magazines on the web. But even more importantly, when you share links to your magazines and articles on social media or by email now, people on the web can finally read these too. The Web magazines are supported in the following desktop browsers IE9+, Safari, Chrome and Firefox in 11 languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, French and German.

To start browsing interesting Web magazines go to the Flipboard Web Community page.

Check out some of our hand-curated Flipboard magazines on the web too like Social Media and Tech Burst!

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