Rumor: Facebook Does One Thing Right for Brands, Adds ‘Get Notifications’ Prompt to Pages

Facebook notification prompt

Facebook notification promptHere’s an uncharacteristic rumor I read about Facebook today: the company has reportedly launched a “Get Notifications” prompt that appears when some users like pages, according to Inside Facebook. If this feature rolls out to all of Facebook, users who like new pages will be prompted to opt-in to receiving page updates in their notifications bar, in the same way they already see notifications for likes and comments on their personal posts.

Though users have long been able to receive notifications for brands’ updates, for the first time Facebook seems interested in actively urging users to take advantage of this feature. By default, update notifications are turned off, but more people are likely to manually enable the feature if prompts roll out to all users.

Given Facebook’s track record of limiting brands’ exposure to Facebook followers, this update would surely be welcomed by page managers everywhere. Is this is a sign that Facebook is turning over a new leaf and learning to play nice with brands? Probably not. But it is a tiny improvement in the way Facebook orchestrates fans’ relationships with brands.

Have you seen the “Get Notifications” prompt while liking new pages? Let us know in the comments!

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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  1. About time! This is a good start but I wish they would bring back updates for pages & make it like it was before where you had to LIKE a page before you could comment or post. Right now pages for brands are useless because of the fact they have changed all this. Maybe Facebook is seeing this and knows Google+ is more brand friendly and gets better engagement.

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