Discover the Best Places to Go With the New Zagat by Google

Are you looking for something good to do tonight? Today Google is releasing a new Zagat website and mobile app for Android and iPhone users that puts the finest restaurants and nightspots right at your fingertips! And now for the first time, the trusted Zagat ratings and reviews are available for free with no actual registration required.

The new Zagat features the latest tips and videos from their expert local editors, curated lists of gems like the “Best Restaurants to Meet for a Drink in NYC”, a powerful search engine and map-based browsing to help you find the best places to go.

Zagat for finding the very best places

Zagat currently covers restaurants and nightlife in up to nine cities, and Google will soon expand this to include 50 U.S. and international destinations as well as shopping reviews, hotels and other places of interest. The effort has been 34 years in the making now, surveying passionate locals about their favorite destinations.

So check out the new Zagat promo below, and feel free to share with us some of the great places you’ve discovered or plan to visit soon!

Jason Adkins
I'd like to spend some time in Germany.
Chris Sandys
Kashmir - although I'm not certain the Zagat guide has made it there yet.
Christopher McCoy
going to use this the next time I get to go to Orlando.
Christopher McCoy
This is cool, I use Zagat all the time!
David Rawls
Rome is on my list!
Steve Barnes
Vieques, Puerto Rico!
Harold Gardner
I have Florence, Italy on my next big trip list.
Alexander Leon
I love to visit UK.
Sara Hough
Santa Margarita, Italy :)
Maria E. Hill
Great Britain, all of it, since I haven't been.
Peter Gregg
Santorini, Greece for me!
Paul Falardeau
Thanks for the info. Great stuff
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