Flipboard Updates iOS App with Friends Category and Improved Sharing

Flipboard for iOS Screenshot

Flipboard for iOS ScreenshotFlipboard has updated its iOS app just days after releasing a major Android update and Flipboard editor for the web. The new version brings five helpful new features to its iOS users:

  1. New profile pages that allow users to view their readership and curation activity
  2. A new “Friends” category in the Content Guide that allows readers to discover magazines created by friends
  3. An updated share menu that gives users quicker access to their social networks and access options as well as share stories or magazines via SMS
  4. The ability to save images directly to an iPhone or iPad’s Camera roll
  5. Better Google Reader navigation

You can download the updated Flipboard app by visiting iTunes.


Flipboard Gaining Popularity

With its clean, photocentric interface it’s no wonder Flipboard has been growing steadily in popularity; in March the social news magazine boasted over 50 million readers who have created over 500,000 magazines to date. To learn more about Flipboard’s take on mobile content curation, check out this infographic.

On our part, we’ve been having a lot of fun curating our own magazines. Flip through your favorite DashBurst topics and tell us what you think:

While you’re browsing through DashBurst’s content, let us know: What’s your favorite part of the Flipboard app?

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