Flipboard Reaches 50M Readers, Releases New Bookmarklet and Lets You Create Your Own Magazines

flipboardFlipboard is your personal magazine filled with the things that you care about most. You can find everything from world news to music to inspiring stories, all in one place. Now you can create your own magazine on Flipboard too! Save anything from the web – including articles, photos, audio and more – into your own magazine to flip through or share with friends. These magazines can be private or private. Also you can create as many of them as you want drawing from virtually any source on Flipboard – including what is being shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, LinkedIn and Tumblr. You can also find anything shared on Flipboard through magazines created by other people. Search by topics, keywords and a new #hashtag feature.

Flipboard 2.0

The new app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Unfortunately for those with Android devices, can view magazines but not actually create them at this point.

Flipboard has also made the entire web flippable now with a new bookmarklet you can click to share content from any page – available for Chrome browsers, iPads and iPhones. This is a major improvement to make sharing on Flipboard easier from anywhere.
Bookmarklet — Flipboard

Other Flipboard 2.0 highlights:

  • A new, visual Content Guide – Tap the red ribbon to access your own table of contents with all the magazines you’ve created, notifications and lots of other features.
  • Commenting on Flipboard – Inside each story you can tap on an avatar in the lower left-hand corner to reveal Flipboard comments.
  • Recommended Reading – Get personalized lists of things Flipboard thinks you’ll love.
  • Subsections in partner magazines, newspapers and websites – new sidebars listing subsections for easier navigation.
  • Fast section switching – reveals related content and subsections.
  • Optional Facebook Open Graph integration – Integrate your Flipboard activitty with your Facebook page in more meaningful ways.

Flipboard also announced that is has passed 50 million readers, which is more than double the amount of users just in August, when it reported a 20 million reader tally. Flipboard is calling this update its “most ambitious undertaking” to date saying:

Anything that inspires readers, from cooking to current events, can be the topic of a new magazine. Because magazines are public, they can grow an audience and others can like items, comment on posts, or even subscribe to other people’s magazines. When people interact a magazine, the curator learns about it through new Flipboard Notifications.

Major publishers like Etsy have stepped up to become one of the first self-curating publishers on Flipboard. Accoridng to Etsy, their publication was designed specifically for Flipboard and integrates right into Etsy’s shopping cart for easier purchasing. The Rolling Stones also created a magazine centered around archived Beatles content. This gives publishers, bloggers and brands an entirely new channel to reach audiences on a completely optimized experience for mobile readers.

Flipboard also has a set of community guidelines to help you uncover best practices for using the new Flipboard 2.0.

What do you think about these new Flipboard changes?

Carlos Newsome
Very nice. Great info.
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Interesting... I will have to check this out.
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cool very cool.. new update/version of flipboard is on the way..
Philip Hewitson
looks really good nice idea.
Bob Warren
Happy HUMP Day!
Daniel Zeevi
Thanks Bob you too!
Eric Schmumpkin
It looks and sounds awesome. I can't wait to get one :)
Radha Khalsa
Way cool - but you've got to release it for Android. They rule the market!
Daniel Zeevi
Ha for sure Radha :)
Sarah Wilson
Personal Pinterest - I <3 it!
Daniel Zeevi
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Sarah Wilson
Happy to help, Daniel Zeevi
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