Now Access Checklists, Notes and More on Your Pebble Smartwatch Using Evernote

Pebble smartwatches displaying Evernote lists

Pebble smartwatches displaying Evernote lists

When you’re on the go, it can be difficult to pull out your smartphone to read a reminder or check items off your to-do list. Aiming to eliminate this awkwardness and make it easier to access your notes everywhere you go, Evernote has released a new app for the Pebble smartwatch.

If you’re a Pebble user, you can now access your Evernote notebooks, notes, shortcuts, checklists, reminders and more directly from your smartwatch. This can work great for following a recipe while you’re cooking, accessing an address while en route to a meeting, or ticking off items on your grocery list while you’re at the supermarket: all times when your hands are a little too occupied to pull out your smartphone. Plus, you can search notes by location to help you pull up the information you need right when you need it and read your reminders and notifications.

Besides Evernote, Pebble users also have access to useful apps like Google Navigation, Yelp and RunKeeper.

Download Evernote for Pebble via the Pebble store for iPhone or Android.

Pebble App for iPhone Pebble App for Android

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Lauren Mobertz

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