Are Smartphones Hacking Your Life? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everywhere we go people are glued to their phones. Walking down the sidewalk? Glued to your phone. Shopping for groceries? Glued to your phone. It’s getting so bad that we are getting kicked off airplanes because we just can’t set our phone down. Essentially, the smartphone is the latest extension of the human body and step one to the global cyborg transformation. Our cellphones hold our lives, our Facebook and Twitter accounts, personal emails, phone numbers and sometimes even our bank accounts. Yet 48% of us don’t even have a passcode or other access authentication method on our phone to keep it protected.

Whoever controls your phone controls your virtual identity. Malware threats are up 163% and more than 50,000 new threats have already been discovered. Apps are significant when it comes to those risks as 79% of the top 50 free iOS and Android apps are associated with risky behavior or privacy issues. As a whole, 96% of total apps share data with advertising networks or analytics companies. The ever popular Snapchat is slightly sneaky when it comes to security. The 15 million snaps that are sent every day don’t just disappear. A small percentage of these photos are saved by the users via screenshots, but all the others were thought to melt away never to be seen again. Well, this simply isn’t true. Sent and received snapchats are stored in Snapchat’s own servers and on the recipients phone where it’s hidden, but not deleted. Bypassing the security features are a cinch and anyone can learn how.

Between butt-dialing, unprotected home screens, sketchy apps, and autocorrect, the smartphone has us wrapped around its little finger. Take a look at this infographic for more on the subject and let us know what you think about it in the comments. How attached are you to your phone?

Jae Mac
To date, I haven't butt dialed anyone, and I do not use auto correct. The mistakes you may or may not see are my own, but I will admit that sometimes my phone feels like the extra hand I've always wanted and now can't seem to get rid of. Jae Mac @ I'm Just Sayin'...(Damn!)
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