Now Handwrite and Draw Charts, Mockups, Chemical Structures and More With Evernote for Android

Handwriting notes on Evernote for Android

Have you ever wanted to quickly draw a chart or mockup a site design on your mobile device? Now you can with Evernote‘s most recent update for Android.

Do you write out formulas during math class or jot down ideas while traveling? The new feature is perfect for whenever writing or drawing longhand is more practical than using a keyboard. Unlike handwritten notes on other apps, though, your handwriting becomes searchable within your Evernote account.



Writing in Evernote

Handwritten chemistry notes on Evernote for Android

Handwriting choices on Evernote for Android

To write something by hand in Evernote, tap the paperclip icon, then tap on the pen. An area for your handwriting will appear, which you can move around using two fingers. You can also choose between four “inks” (black, blue, red and green) and three pen thicknesses. Once you’re done writing or sketching by hand, tap the checkmark and begin typing as usual.

Along with Evernote’s other features like note sorting, tagging and audio recording, handwriting gives users yet another reason to choose Evernote as their go-to note-taking app.

Handwriting comes to Evernote’s Android app before other platforms, though the Evernote-owned Penultimate app lets iOS users handwrite and sketch and save those notes to Evernote.


Other Improvements

Along with handwriting, the latest update to Evernote for Android comes with a number of improvements, including:

  • Better handling of notes created on external platforms
  • A note highlighter
  • The ability to duplicate notes
  • Note links that allow you to jump from one note to another
  • A faster camera with improved focus and autofocus options
  • Bug fixes

Download Evernote for Android at the Google Play Store.

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