The Plight of Endangered Penguins Told by Optical Illusion Posters

penguin illusion

tipping pointSometimes in order for people to truly get a message, they need to see it in simple black and white. That’s exactly what the non-profit SANCCOB foundation is thinking with their new campaign to save endangered South African Penguins. SANCCOB has long been on a quest to conserve seabirds and other sea-life, especially threatened species like the African penguin. But the advertising agency Bittersuite has also lended a hand in this new campaign hoping to make people really pay attention beyond the fine print by introducing various optical illusions in the posters to ponder. The posters take cues from artists like M.C. Escher and optometrists’ eye charts to create mind-bending visuals to draw people into the important issue!

The message is also simple:

See the reality before it’s too late

The endangered African penguins need our help! You can act now by adopting a penguin today at and supporting SANCCOB and partners in the conversation effort! While these posters may be just black and white like the penguins, the message is too striking to ignore, please help save the penguins before we reach that “tipping point” and they are gone for good!

Take A Closer Look

Take A Closer Look

Don’t be short-sighted

Don’t be short-sighted

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