Android Users: Now Post All the Outrageous Videos You Want to Vine

Vine for Android screenshots

Today Twitter announced that their app for publishing 6-second videos to the web, Vine, is finally available for Android.

Vine for Android screenshots

Vine for Android offers easy video creation with automatic playback and sound as well as the ability to discover trending videos and find friends. Unfortunately the app is missing some key features available on iOS such as front-facing camera support, push notifications, mentions and hashtags, the ability to search for people and tags, and the option to share to Facebook. Considering how long Twitter took to give us Android users an in, I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of features available for Android but hey, being able to use the app on my phone is better than not being able to use it at all. I suppose.

Vine for Android does boast one feature unique to Android, though: zoom. Plus, Twitter promises they have exciting plans for “features that could exist only on Android.” Vine recently announced over 13 million users and is likely to continue gaining momentum now that it’s available for the Android platform.

Android owners running 4.0+ can supposedly download Vine from Google Play or visit Vine’s Android page, although it seems the Play Store seems to be experiencing technical difficulties.

Have you posted any Vines from your Android device yet? Share them with us in the comments!

Lauren Mobertz

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