10 Twitter Mistakes You Also Make in Real Life [INFOCOMIC]

dm spam and klout

We tend to get so wrapped up in what we do, consumed by our love for social media, that the mistakes we make on Twitter can carry over to our real lives. You don’t believe that Twitter has much to do with your own life? Well, how long are you on it each day? Plus Twitter, like any other platform, is just another way for people to communicate with other individuals. And there are certain ill-advised Twitter practices and fails that, while they may be questionable to even pull on Twitter, are even more damaging when actually done in public. So if you happen to be making any of these 10 errors of judgement (a sweet DashBurst collaboration with The Maple Kind) in your tweets or even worse on the streets, please stop immediately!

twitter mistakes - real world

1. Over Tweeting

Nobody likes a loudmouth. If you find yourself tweeting every few minutes, you probably need to slow it down. Are you tweeting anything interesting or relevant anyways? As in the outside world, if mid-sentence you realize you’re the only one whose said anything for a while, it might be time to give it a rest.

2. Follow-Friday Perversion

#FF. You’ve seen it, you hate it. It’s like the spammers nicest way to say hi while acting like it’s all good. It’s not.


3. Celebrity Ass-Kissing and Insulting

Twitter brings – in a completely viral platform – regular people and celebrities closer than ever before. So some people take it upon themselves to stalk celebrities’ every log-in and tweet. Even worse, trolls look for every opportunity to heckle. Have some respect for other people, folks.

4. RIP for Someone Famous

You send out an RIP, followed 5 minutes later by a tweet about dancing dogs. Maybe a moment of silence would show more respect for the fallen.

5. Retweet Every Compliment

Nothing makes you look less gracious than promoting every compliment you receive. It’s as if you must savor every last good word about yourself, as if those just might be the very last you ever hear.

celebrity ass-kissing on twitter

6. Tweeting About Food

Do your buddies ever get excited to hear about what you just ate? So why would any strangers?

7. Inspirational Quotes

Do you know people who always use quotes in real life? Or, better yet, have you ever repeated a quote or some other cliché out loud without making eyes roll?

8. Having Too Many Accounts

Have you ever been to the circus and saw a small car pull up, yet somehow a bunch of clowns all managed to pop out at once? That’s what you look like trying to juggle too many accounts.

twitter poor ettiquette

9. Direct Message Spam

Just ask yourself one question: Would you dare drop that message you are about to send out directly into someone’s mailbox?

10. Giving People Klout

Klout, a service which purports to measure social influence, also serves as a constant source of spam on Twitter. See, it’s not that the score itself is that bad, it’s just that nobody cares what your Klout score is, let alone who you gave Klout too. No one cares about their very own Klout score for that matter either except for a few high-strung marketers. So every communication involving the giving or receiving of Klout basically eats away at the productivity of all humankind. So thank you for giving @DashBurst that corny +K, but just know that your tweet chipped away at the cherished bandwidth of our Internet, providing zero value at the expense of both our time.

dm spam and klout

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

Daniel is a social network architect, web developer, infographic designer, writer, speaker and founder of DashBurst. Full-time futurist and part-time content curator, always on the hunt for disruptive new technology, creative art and web humor.


  1. Great infographic, I really hate when people retweet compliments that other people give them. It’s like saying “hey guys, look at me” Let others pay you a compliment and then say thank you. No need for further self promotion!

  2. Thank you for saying that about Klout! I love how even the guy who was given the Klout is beating up the guy who gave it in the cartoon! Oh, and #FF spam. Wouldn’t it be great if people gave a reason to follow?

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