New Twitter Card Lets You Win Cool Swag from Brands

Twitter's new Lead Generation Card in action

Twitter has announced a new way for brands to hand out offers like discounts, newsletter signups, and more. The new Lead Generation Card for businesses allows you to give your email address to a brand you trust without leaving the Twitter page or wasting your time filling out yet another form.

How the Lead Generation Card Works

Twitter's new Lead Generation Card in action

When a brand has something, say, a downloadable coupon for Father’s Day gifts, to offer you, the brand will tweet about the deal. If you’re interested you can click to expand the tweet, and there you’ll be able to send your email address to the company with one click and receive their offer. No one but the company will see your email address when you click send and you’ll be on your way to receiving some cool swag from your favorite brand. Here I’ve embedded a pretty sweet deal Priceline recently put out. Notice that if you visit Priceline on Twitter you’ll have the option to expand the tweet and send Priceline your email address. Go ahead, try it out:

So far the Lead Generation Card has been tested with Priceline (obviously), New Relic, and Full Sail. It’s currently only available to Twitter’s managed clients but be on the lookout because Twitter plans to launch the Card soon globally to small and medium-sized businesses.

Brands have reported that the new Card “was instrumental in driving a low cost-per-lead compared to other technologies in their marketing suite,” according to Twitter’s blog. If you are a brand interested in learning more about the Lead Generation Card visit Twitter’s help center.

Do you see yourself using the new Card to sign yourself up with brands on Twitter?

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