Google Releases a Smoother Drive App for Android

google drive apps

Google is looking to make the process of creating and accessing your stuff to be, well… less of an actual process. Today, the Google Drive app for Android has received several major improvements to make creating and finding your stuff on-the-move smoother!

google drive apps

Now to help you find all the content you care about quickly, Drive files are displayed in a clean and simple Google Plus card style. You can easily swipe files to see larger previews to quickly review and explore through your stored information. And most importantly, if you want to keep some Drive files on your given Android device, you can now directly “download a copy” from the actions menu inside the settings!

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Also do you have an issue keeping track of all your important paperwork through some messy file cabinet system or something worse? The updated Drive for Android app gives you a way to keep track of all your important paper documents like letters, receipts and other billing statements. By simply clicking ‘scan’ from the Add New menu, you can snap a photo of your document, which Drive will then turn into a photo for safekeeping. And amazingly Drive can recognize text via your scanned documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, so you can still conduct a simple search to retrieve any scanned document later! No more frantically scrambling through those file cabinets or your actual pockets for important business cards or that needed receipt!

google drive scan

And finally the editing experience in Google Sheets has also gotten some upgrades. You can now adjust font types, sizes, tweak cell colors and alignment in spreadsheets directly from the app. Also, the Drive app comes with a standard Cloud Print support giving you the ability to print anything in Drive via a Cloud Ready printer.

You can get the new Google Drive app today over at the Google Play store.

What do you think about the new Google Drive app?

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