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Screenshot of Twitter AnalyticsAfter a long time of only allowing advertising partners to access its Analytics, Twitter has now opened its Analytics feature to all Twitter users. According to The Verge, the tool allows users to check on the performance of their tweets and view information about their followers in table and graph form. Have you been wondering how many people are clicking on your tweeted links or which of your tweets receive the most retweets? Check it out at

Timeline Activity

Twitter Analytics’ Timeline Activity view lets you look at your tweets from the last 30 days accompanied by numbers of favorites, retweets, and replies. The Timeline also shows you how many clicks each of your tweeted links received.
Timeline Activity


The Analytics tool also offers a Followers view that shows you a graph of your followers’ growth over the last month, and lets you group your followers by interest, location, and gender. Though I’m currently unable to access my account’s follower information yet, I’m hoping this is a bug on Twitter’s end that will be resolved soon.
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If Twitter Analytics gets up and running for everyone, it could be a convenient alternative to using third-party analytics tools to measure Twitter growth. What’s better, after all, than hearing your account data straight from the horse’s mouth? Plus, using Twitter Analytics could help stop you from making these 10 Twitter mistakes you also make in real life.

Besides Twitter Analytics, what other tools do you use to assess your success on Twitter?

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  1. All it’s doing is pointing people to Twitter Advertising Section. The link above may have people go to WHAT LOOKS LIKE ANALYTICS but then clearly only takes them to Twitter Advertising and Request for a Credit Card. Glad it’s working out for The Verge, who was probably paid to spew this junk. I tweet at @PronetworkBuild

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