It’s Time to Register the Yahoo ID of Your Dreams

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Yahoo logoYou know when you sign up for a new email address and all the good IDs are taken? As in, I can’t sign up for because someone else got to the worm before I did. Whether they end up using the account or not is another story, but either way I am forced to think of a cool derivative of the ID before I can create my account.

After announcing several big changes to the company, including a revamp for Flickr and the acquisition of Tumblr, Yahoo has notified us that it will soon cut inactive IDs and put them up for grabs. If all goes well, active Yahoo users will no longer have to sport email addresses like Who can remember all those numbers, anyway?

Soon Yahoo will reset accounts that have been inactive for at least 12 months and, starting in mid-July, Yahoo users can request their dream IDs. Come mid-August Yahoo wil alert users which new-and-improved ID they’ve received. Offering users simpler, more personalized usernames could be an incentive for users to take advantage of Yahoo’s suite of online tools, like sports scores, weather in your hometown, and news.

Haven’t used your Yahoo account in a while but can’t bear to part with the fond memories of your Yahoo days? To prevent Yahoo from resetting your account simply log in to any Yahoo service before July 15.

I don’t know what you’re going to apply for come July, but I’ve had a list of my dream Yahoo accounts stored away for a day like this:


What, you don’t like sloths?

What fun usernames will you try to snag come July?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

Lauren is the former managing editor for DashBurst. One part geek, one part urban nomad, she is constantly scouting for the latest tech and world news. In the evenings you'll find Lauren running in strange places or attempting to dance salsa.


  1. I signed up at least 6-7 years ago and couldn’t find anything that remotely interested me, didn’t want loads of numbers so in desperation I came up with zootthedog (not quite true but very similar, don’t want to attract spam).

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