Now You Can Text and Video Call on Snapchat

Snapchat‘s ephemeral picture sharing service has taken the messaging world by storm. But it wasn’t until today that the hip app added what might be its most addictive feature yet: instant chat. The Snapchat team announced this morning that real-time text messaging and video calling is now available for all users. Chatting on Snapchat Now… Continue reading Now You Can Text and Video Call on Snapchat

The Vintage Smartphone [COMIC]

While our phones seem to be growing smarter, most of their technology has been around for decades. Take your contacts, for example, which is really a digitized version of your Rolodex. The things we use Google Search to find today used to discovered with a simple 4-1-1 call. Most of our coveted social apps could… Continue reading The Vintage Smartphone [COMIC]

Itching to Text while Behind the Wheel? Pull into One of New York’s New ‘Texting Zones’

Are you one to text and drive? If you live in New York State, there’s good (and bad) news coming your way. First the good: this week Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled special “Texting Zones” along the New York State Thruway and other state highways.