12 Incredible Winter Photos and Wonderlands

The winter nights may be cold and long but the days are eerily beautiful. Winter is coming they say and the snow storms have already started to pile up. If you’re looking for a few winter wonderlands to one day visit, our community of snow birds have a few winter photography ideas and places shared… Continue reading 12 Incredible Winter Photos and Wonderlands

Happy Groundhog Day

Towards the beginning of every spring the groundhog (otherwise known as Punxsutawney Phil) comes out of his hole to evaluate just how much longer old man winter is going to be around. According to folklore, if he sees his shadow upon emerging from his burrow, Punxsutawney Phil will retreat to his burrow to wait out… Continue reading Happy Groundhog Day

How Much Snow Does It Take to Cancel School across the US?

As mere inches of snow cripple the South, snow-adjusted northerners have been chuckling and shrugging their shoulders in bafflement. When it comes to snow in the United States, some just know how to deal with it better than others. To demonstrate just how much cold weather culture varies across the U.S, Reddit user atrubetskoy mapped… Continue reading How Much Snow Does It Take to Cancel School across the US?

These Cool Timelapse GIFs Give You a Front Row Seat to Watch Earth ‘Breathe’

Do you ever think of Earth as a living, breathing creature? If so, you are not alone. Using images from the NASA Visible Earth project, John Nelson of IDV Solutions created timelapse GIFs that give you an outer space view of Earth’s changing seasons. The looping effect of the GIFs lends a humanness to the planet as it appears to breath in and out.