Starbucks To Extend Its Taste for Liquor to New Locations

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You must be 21 or over to buy some of the drink items on the evening menu at Starbucks. But until now the special menu that included alcohol was found in few locations. Starbucks has announced that it will now offer the evening menu in thousands of stores.

Alcohol first came to Starbucks in Seattle store in October 2010. The coffee chain was looking to the evening menu to address lower sales during the late afternoons and evenings. In January 2012 the coffee chain expanded it test market to include stores in select major metropolitan areas like Chicago and LA. According to Chief Operating Officer Troy Alstead, the program, which starts at 4pm each day, succeeded in boosting sales during those times, giving the company the confidence to now expand program nationally.

The evening menu includes beers, wines and even sparkling wine. Also part of the menu are tasty small bites like bacon wrapped dates and truffle mac & cheese, assorted flatbreads and fancy desserts including a playful version of restaurant-style chocolate fondue.

Starbucks already has various campaigns to boost sales beyond coffee and plans to implement even more in the coming months. In addition to alcohol, the company now offers juice, food and more. The company hopes to double its market value to $100 billion not only by expanding its offerings, but by enhancing its reward system and taking other steps. In addition, Starbucks will improve its mobile application, most notably by adding a feature that allows customers to place their orders ahead of time.

Starbucks is making strides to improve business, modernize strategy and add some fun to the mix. So you may soon be able to swing by the nearby Starbucks for your morning coffee on the way to work and for your happy hour libation on the way home.

Photo by Sarah Parr
Via Chicago Tribune

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